Ilyon® is a cutting-edge entertainment company at the forefront of mobile gaming.
The company was founded in 2013 by four tech entrepreneurs with a clear goal and passion for building something great.


Ilyon® consists of the most talented people in the mobile gaming industry. Our professional team is committed to developing high-quality, beautiful games with engaging gameplay. Together, we are all working for the same goal – creating a unique gaming experience for our fans, while always making sure to have as much fun together as possible.

Our offices

Ilyon® launched a new Research & Development Center in May 2017. Our office is pet-friendly, and you can find many furry, four-legged friends that are ready to play anytime : )
We also have space where employees can relax and have fun or play games during their breaks, and you can find plenty of scooters that will get you to meetings and save you some time.

Fun Activities

As befits a gaming company, the love for games manifests at leisure. Our employees play during lunchtime in the game rooms, and many of them meet and spend time together after working hours – organizing game and movie nights. There are poker and foosball tournaments, happy hours, company trips and plenty of other cool activities involving tasty food and beverages of course.

our benefits

Our fun rooms are designed with bright colors and vivid animations made by some of our talented artists and designers. These rooms have arcade machines, a foosball table and comfortable and cozy sofas. There are transportation services from Tel Aviv and back, so it is convenient to get here from almost any area in Israel. We also provide lunch catering services including a variety of tasty dishes suitable for all palates (meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans).

The Future Is What You Make It, 
And We Want To Make It Fun…