From Beginner to Expert: The Easy Bubble Shooter Games

With so many games out there, finding one that suits your skill can be tough. Luckily, many of the best games are perfect for beginners and run on your equipment. If you’re a beginner to casual games or are looking for a game that’s more suited to your skill level, an easy bubble shooter game is a great option to start out with! Bubble Shooter is a free game you can play on your phone or on the web. It’s a great primer game and it takes a matter of minutes to learn how its played.

What are the Rules to Bubble Shooter?

bubble shooter

As one of the best PC games for beginners, Bubble shooter is a very simple game and easy to play: 

Shoot bubbles from the cannon and match them up to form groups of three or more bubbles that are the same color. 

  • When you have more than three in each group, the bubbles will blast away and clear space on the board. 
  • More bubbles removed in each shot equals a higher score on the board! 
  • Don’t forget to check which bubble color is coming up next so you can have a strategy to beat the game.
  • Make as many matches as possible to clear the board and move onto the next level. 

When you play this easy bubble shooter game, you get plenty of time to complete the challenge. If you’re still unsure whether you think you have the skills to play Bubble Shooter, give it a try!

Is Bubble Shooter an Easy Game?

Bubble Shooter is the best pc games for beginners and experts. The Bubble Shooter games are very fun for everyone. This is the type of game you can play for hours. The fun online version even allows you to compete against others. 

Bubble Shooter has several different levels of difficulty. If you’re new to the game, start with the easy bubble shooter game level! For additional advice, visit our YouTube channel that features more information about our games and how they’re developed.

Tips to Scoring on Bubble Shooter

There’s more than one way to score a lot of points. With a few tips, getting combinations and racking in the points will shoot you up the ladder while you get past hard levels. With a little practice and focus on the basics, you can start from the easiest levels of the Bubble Shooter game and make it to the harder episodes.

  • Be Quick and Decisive - Clear all the bubbles on this easy bubble shooter game so that you can move on to the next level quickly. Over time, you will naturally become quicker so no need to push yourself with this tip alone. A great way to increase your speed is by practicing on the big screen. This is one of the best PC games for beginners since you can use a mouse, which is more accurate. When you play on a PC, you get the experience of doing it without any downloads.
  • Be Smart When Shooting the Bubble - Make sure you plan your aim well so that it lands exactly where you want it to. If you accidentally block bubbles early in the game, you may make it more difficult to clear the playing field. When you’re playing on the web version, aim your cursor exactly where you want the bubble to go. This will make your shot more accurate and less likely to hit an unintended bubble. 
  • Make A Clear Path - This is probably one of the most important tips for beating this easy bubble shooter game. If there are smaller groups of bubbles, don’t worry about them since you can get them later. Go for the grouped set of bubbles first so that you can drop the smaller groups of bubbles. In some of the higher levels, try to make a straight path to the big group of bubbles that may be hidden by smaller groups.
  • Plan Your Bubble Colors Well - You can see what color bubble will be next to shoot which is part of why this is among the best PC games for beginners. Use this foresight to your advantage and plan ahead so that you can save time. If you have two colored bubbles in a row, you can target a single bubble by itself to clear the path. Making these combos will allow you to clear up “difficulty bubbles.”

Don’t limit yourself to these easy bubble shooter game tips. To improve your skills and move through the levels of Bubble Shooter, find what works best for you. The more you advance, the more you will have to test out new techniques so that you can hone your own playing style. 

More Exciting Games

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Ilyon Dynamics brings some of the most fun and intuitive games to your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for easy bubble shooter games or more strategic games, we have what you’re looking for. We’ve even posted a web version of Bubble Shooter so that you can try out the game without having to download anything.