Video Games Series – #2

If you liked Tamar’s recommendations of Video Games in our previous blog post, you’ll certainly be interested to read about the favorite games Erez and Alex enjoy and about the special features they like in these games. This second part of our Video Games series deals with the fun and social side of games which keeps players hooked for years without getting enough. Ready to find out what are the games that Alex and Erez particularly like? Let’s dig in.


Art Director

What Is Your Favorite Video Game?

My favorite game is Smite and I have been playing this game for years.

What Can You Tell Me About the Game?

Smite is a third-person multiplayer video game which allows players to choose a mythological God or a figure and take part in team-based combats. You play this game together with other players and you communicate via messaging, voice commands and even Skype.

Why Do You Like It?

First, the design of the characters is very good. Each one has its own special traits, an accent and a sense of humor so you actually feel attached to the character and begin to like him or her. Another thing that I like about the game is its social part. The social side of the game is expressed through the dynamics you form with your group – you can bring other players down or cheer them up with the right attitude, it’s very important as the game is based on cooperation.

Undoubtedly, the game is very challenging and it makes you think. It’s a competition so you have to use your mind, learn the game’s mechanic and think well about how you want to shape your character. In the personal aspect, I believe that the game teaches you a thing or two on how to deal with frustration and with situations that are out of your control.


QA Team Leader

What Is Your Favorite Video Game?

My all-time favorite game is HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft

What Can You Tell Me About the Game?

HearthStone is a casual turn-based card game between two opponents. Each player controls a hero and the main goal is to kill the enemy’s hero in the card game, the first hero to die will lose the game. The game plays in turns, every player has to draw cards from a custom created deck, and has a move he can make with limited resources – like play 1 cheap card on the first turn, or play multiple cards later on when the game progresses.

Why Do You Like It?

I like it because it is a casual game that allows me to play as much or as little as I can, even with a busy life, and still remain good at it because the learning curve is fairly easy and the game does not require a time investment to enjoy or be good. The main feature that I like about the game is the speed of the match which takes 10 to 15 minutes tops, and also the strategy and thinking aspects of the game.

Stay put for the third and final part of our special Video Games series. You don’t want to miss what Zina and Ben had to share about their favorite games.

Be sure to share with us your favorite games of all time, I would certainly be interested to find out about that special game that has captivated you 🙂

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