Video Games Series – #3

So what it is that makes video games so great? One of the main reasons, according to my fellow team members, is the fact that a game successfully manages to create a world of its own. A world of fantasy completed with its own rules, history, and culture, which allows players to explore fun environments and to develop and practice meaningful skills.

The third and last part of our Video Games blog series presents the last two recommendations from the Ilyon team. Last but not least are Zina and Ben who told me about the unique gameplay that keeps them engaged with a game and stimulates planning and strategy skills.




What Is Your Favorite Video Game?

The game that I like is Bastion

What Can You Tell Me About the Game?

Bastion is an action role-playing video game about a “Kid” who wakes up in a ruined world and throughout the game tries to find some answers and figure out his way.

Why Do You Like It?

I enjoy the flowing gameplay and the fact that I have to think and use my abilities to face challenges. The storyline is linear but well built, it’s nice that the game allows the player to pick his own challenges and to decide if his/her road is going to be easy or difficult. A particularly strong point in the game is the role of the narrator who relates what happens and everything that the kid does. And of course the beautiful artwork and the wonderful soundtrack which works perfectly with the voice of the narrator.


Game Designer

What Is Your Favorite Video Game?

My all-time favorite game is Heroes of Might and Magic and I have been playing it since childhood.

What Can You Tell Me About the Game?

Heroes of Might and Magic is a turn-based strategy game (a game where players take turns when playing) in which you can choose your character-hero, build an army and attack other players. Each character is different and has its own skills, their own points of weakness and strength and it’s interesting to see how it affects the gameplay.

Why Do You Like It?

It’s a fun social game, you can play it for hours with your friends. You have to think and plan your strategy as each battle is like a game of chess, this way it allows the player to have the time to evaluate the gameplay and figure out how the game works. It’s also a matter of nostalgia for me as I have been playing this game since I was a kid.

As I look back at the fun journey I went through with Tamar, Erez, Alex, Zina, and Ben, it becomes clear to me that their stories have something essential in common. The likability of the games they have talked about lies in the fact that they have enabled players to practice some important life skills. From the realization that your character’s actions have consequences to his “game life”, dealing with frustrating situations and learning to collaborate with others. So maybe video games are not necessarily a shelter from reality but a tool that can help us in dealing with this reality?

Want to share your favorite game? I would be happy to hear about it!