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Ilyon is a cutting-edge entertainment company at the forefront of mobile gaming. The company was founded in 2013 by four tech entrepreneurs with a clear goal and passion for building something great.

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Israel is on the Map of the Global Gaming Industry

Ilyon is part of the gaming industry in Israel which is gaining worldwide momentum with many leading game developers and successful exits. Israel is on the map of the global gaming industry and Ilyon is one of the prominent companies from Israel. From the article: The last two years have been good for Israeli companies […]
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Ilyon Team at the Annual GameIS Event

Ilyon was a proud sponsor at the 10th annual GameIS​ event taking place last Thursday. Our team had a great time at our booth, giving a sneak peek of our upcoming new projects and surprises and handing out cool gifts. As part of the Business Track covered by Ilyon, our talented Product Manager Guy Zaidi gave a lecture […]
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Ilyon Dynamics Surpasses 100 Million Downloads

  Ilyon Dynamics is celebrating an important gaming milestone of reaching 100 million downloads for our growing portfolio. “This milestone represents the incredible year we had, with major growth in the number of downloads and active users on a monthly basis,” said Yonatan Erez, CEO of Ilyon.   Read the Full Article Here
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Sound of the Game

As in movies, music in mobile games has proved its importance in establishing the mood and tone and as a tool to convey a certain experience to the players. Much like video games, each mobile game has its own special vibe and story to tell, whether through the gameplay, the art or the music and sound […]
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Mobile Success Goes Far Beyond Just Making a Good Game

  “With a little preparation and flexibility, developers can turn their games into major success stories”. Make sure not to miss the essential tips for mobile game success from Ilyon’s CEO, Yonatan Erez.   Read the Full Article Here
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Game of Zones: How to Conquer Every Crowd

“With games by far the most popular app category in different app stores, there have been countless ports of American-developed games that have languished in the other countries’ respective app stores. Each failure, of course, is unique – there’s a specific reason why a specific game failed to make it – but all those failures […]
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Video Games Series – #3

So what it is that makes video games so great? One of the main reasons, according to my fellow team members, is the fact that a game successfully manages to create a world of its own. A world of fantasy completed with its own rules, history, and culture, which allows players to explore fun environments and […]
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Video Games Series – #2

If you liked Tamar’s recommendations of Video Games in our previous blog post, you’ll certainly be interested to read about the favorite games Erez and Alex enjoy and about the special features they like in these games. This second part of our Video Games series deals with the fun and social side of games which keeps players hooked […]
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Video Games Series – #1

Everyone enjoys retreats to other realities from time to time. Luckily, nowadays digital technology makes it easier to get access to all the different possibilities. To watch your favorite TV show or a movie whenever you want, to read a specific book you like or playing the game you always wanted to try. Many researchers and scholars around the world […]
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